The Ethnographic museum of Švenčionys was founded in February 1945. The museum's funds consisted of used school supplies, collection of minerals, atone axes, collection of coins and banknotes.

On 19th of November 1992 the Ethnographic museum of Švenčionys was renamed to The Nalšia Museum upon the resolution of Švenčionys region board. The name of Nalšia reflects old continuity of cultural values, furthermore the ethnic culture and ethnography of this land are authentic and original.

More then 52 000 exhibits of archaeology, nature, history and ethnography fields are accumulated in the Nalšia Museum.


On 14th of February 2000 the Nalšia Museum's doors were opened for its visitors. There are three exposition halls (414 sq m) and exhibition hall (136 sq m). The author of the exposition is painter and architect Gražina Pajarskaitė.
In the exposition of Archaeology section (prepared by archaeologist Vidas Semėnas) periods from the Mesolithic (VIII thou. B.C) until the Upper Iron Age (13th century) are presented. All exhibits have been collected during the archaeological researches in Švenčionys region.
The exposition of Nature acquaints with the birds of swamps and marshes, birds and fauna of rivers and lakes. A few show-cases are devoted to the large birds and beasts of prey. The exposition finishes with the birds and beasts of mixed woods.
In the exposition hall of History section (prepared by historic Giedrė Viščionytė) there are several exhibitions: "From the past of Švenčionys town", "Archive of the Tigras troop of Lithuanian army of freedom" and "The Christianity - 2000".
The exhibition "From the past of Švenčionys town" informs the visitors about the 19-20th c. history of the town. Švenčionys is an old town. It was mentioned in the written sources in 15th century.
One of the most valuable finds of this land of 1999 is presented for the visitors' attention. It is an archive of partisans of the Tigras troop of Lithuanian army of freedom. That is true evidence about the existence of military organised partisans' organisation, its structure, subordination and armed fights.
Celebrating 2000 years anniversary of the Christianity we exhibit memorial works of fine arts from Švenčionys church, set of prayer books, the Holly Bible books, religious folk art.
The visitors also may see the following household articles from the end of XIX century and the beginning of XX century town dwellers and landowners surroundings: furniture, plates and dishes, clocks, candle sticks.
Ethnography section (prepared by ethnographer Nijolė Zubova) presents handicrafts and trades of the land.
In the exhibition hall there is an exhibition of tapestry from the funds of the Lithuanian Art Museum. Director of the Lithuanian Art Museum R.Budrys supports this exhibition.


Museum is open at 10-17 from Tuesday until Saturday.
Ticket price: adult – 2 litas, pupil – 1 litas; guide service for groups to 20 people – 15 litas and groups to 30 people – 20 litas. Guide service may be ordered by telephone 8-217-51831 or e-mail: nalsios.muziejus@
50% discount is applicable for the pupils groups started from 15 persons (without guide service), families, soldiers, students and pensioners (on producing of certificate).
Free from charge are pre-school age children, inmates of a Children's Home, invalids of I and II group.
Welcome to the museum. Address: Laisvės square 1, Švenčionys, Lithuania.