Tylos Labanoro - Apie Smaką


The territory of Švenčionys region occupies an area of 1692 sq km. The most valuable natural recourses are forests. They cover 53% of the territory of the region. 87% of forests consist of pine forests. There are 286 lakes in the land of Švenčionys. The biggest is lake Kretuona and it surrounds 6 islands, which are favorite for birds. Lake Kretuona is declared an ornithological reserve. The cleanest rive of Lithuania – Žeimena – flows through the region.
Many people spend their leisure time in nature, they have the opportunity to see birds and wild beasts. One of the museum’s purposes is to show as many as possible stuffed birds and animals, tell about their lives. We sincerely invite you to visit the nature section of the Nalšia Museum.
In the first show-case visitors may see waders such as white stork, black stork, swamp owl, curlew, half snipe and etc.
Second and third show-cases present fauna of lake and river: bittern, sheldrake, kingfisher and etc.